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Girardin Moulding Accessories

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Aluminum SCREWS

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These quarter round shutters are available in both Louver and Panel Style. Both feature the same solid one piece construction as our full size shutters, along with the same durable wood grain finish. It is available in 14" width and your choice of 12 colors provide flexibility for any design situation.
All shutter styles come standard with pre-drilled mounting holes and twelve 3" painted aluminum, color coordinated screws.
Self-drilling screws with strip resistant square sockets.
Girardin Moulding Screw
4" painted aluminum Phillips head screws are available for those special situations.
Girardin S-hooks
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(non functional)

Our decorative S-Hooks compliment all of our Custom Colonial shutters styles. They are designed to give a classic colonial look to any structure.
S-Hooks are stamped L (left) & R (right) on the back of each hook.
Drill 1/8" hole in shutter - 3" in from outside edge and 3/8" up from bottom edge of shutter.
Install S-Hook (CAUTION - do not over tighten screw)
Girardin Moulding "S" Hook